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A World That Works for Everyone and The Law of Attraction.      Leon M. Cautillo  RS   Hundreds of mllions of men and women around the worls have been engaged in activity is the hope that they will make the world a better place. The Law of Attraction provides invaluable insights necessary to create a condition for workability.           Click Image to Jump Inside

The Power of Making a Visionary Collage,  Leon M. Cautillo,RS                                    In this book you will discover the power of your imagination in ways you that will change your life forever.  Images cause you to focus on what gives you your dreams.  Learning the physics behind a collage and its affect on the use of the power of the law of attraction.  It will become your latest working tool.  Evoke Your Dreams Using Collages..                                                          Click Image to Jump Inside

The Practical Applications of the Law of Attraction, Vol I Leon M.Cautilo, RS                      All situations and circumstances of life follow the ultimate rules of the Law of Attraction and Volume I contains numerous articles on the applications of this law. This book is filled with various popular subject. No matter how far off the reality one experiences it might be and the way one desires it to be, understanding the law will cause one to naturally gravitate to what is wanted. The subjects are far reaching, from self esteem, to success, to happiness, economics religion and sports and success and more.                                       Click Image to Jump Inside

The Practical Applications of the Law of Attraction, Vol II    Leon M. Cautillo, RS           Volumes II and the upcoming Volume 3 continue to share brilliant insights into the application of the law of attraction. Continuing insights into the topic of success and sales, Jesus and weight loss will fascinate any reader. The effect of beliefs and assumptions, originating in early education, influencing ones self esteem and depression, emotions of guilt and unworthiness and shame and wealth. The practical application of knowledge is of the utmost necessity to fulfilling ones dreams.  Click Image to Jump Inside

Creating a Path of Least Resistance to Paradise,  Attracting the Perfect Relationships and Insights You Never Hear About. Leon M. Cautillo RS                         In this book you will see the connection between what you currently think and do in life that has you attracting the relationships you do and at the same time see what is keeping others away.  This affords you to take advantage of the  unique exercises that create a pathway for the type of individuals you'd like to attract into your life.  This is not only restricted to intimate relationships, but friendships and business relationships as well.  Click Image to Jump Inside

Jesus Is a Happy Guy, Leon M. Cautillo, RS.       More than any other single piece of information that has the power to transform the minds of people around the world is the knowledge that Jesus was and is a happy joyful blissful being.  The idea that He suffered and is assosiated with dying for the sins of man is simply a misguided belief, a well intentioned error propagated thousands of years before He came to enlighten mankind.  Fortunately we can now understand that His sole message for us was to learn the purpose of life - to seek happiness above all.  This book will leave you in awe about the impact ancient teachings have made on the development of mankind.  This book will trully empower you in all your endeavors. Click Image to Jump Inside

His Message to the Children,                    Leon M.Cautillo, RS                                    This book describes the message all children should know that Jesus wanted them to hear.  Unfortunately everyone grows up in an world conversation dominated by ideas of right and wrong, good and bad.  Sin, punishment, guilt and unworthiness have dominated the world of a child.  These universal ideas have influenced the assumptions and the beliefs children make and carry throughout thier life.   The single message of Jesus is that we make seeking joy the foremost purpose in life.   Reading this will empower you to release your grip on negative thinking about yourself and others.


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