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  What you assume to be so about life has enormous effect on your behavior and provides a framework in what you are
allowed to think.  The following fundamental assumptions at the core of human thinking precludes the very consideration
that the world can work for everyone.  That reality is not worthy of  intellectual discussion but rather discarded as idealist foolishness.
  Conflict between individuals, groups of individuals, organizations and countries have agonized the human species since the
beginning of time.  People of all possible identities, rich or poor, powerful or weak, sick or healthy, educated or illiterate, live in
a condition where the backdrop of their life is limiting
  Carefully read the following Myths and Assumptions and really get underneath that which has prevented you from examining these principles which shape your behavior and limit the possibility of your life and life on this planet.
STEP I  Myths 1-6
First Myth    "You and the World Are Not One"
Said a hundred and one ways, "we are one".  Difficult to imagine, however, when you come to realize that you are not the
identity you have invented for yourself you may see with great clarity the "we are one" truth.  You, identity-less, leaves
you everywhere and somewhere.  Everyone, identity-less leaves us "one".
Second Myth    "If You Want Peace You Must Fight For It"
Would you also assume that if you want to experience the love of another, you must be willing to hate them.  The
perverse assumption that attacking, fighting and killing begets peace and harmony has been perpetuated by thinking
of early mans need to survive.  Most people have been convinced that they must survive the threat that life is. 
That the gods are almighty and will eventually do you in.  And they will indeed take away anything and everthing, eventually.
Third Myth    "There Is Not Enough"
There is not enough.  There is insufficiency.   I am not enough.   There is a limit to what can be done.
There are limits to everything, . . . fill in the blank.
Fourth Myth    "The World Does Not Work"
Everything in the limitless universe is in the precise location necessary for the our planet to remain secure.  One flaw and
the shear chaos would tear it all apart.  Your body reacts quite miraculously.  People respond exactly as you'd expect
them and physical objects do not vanish.    The world works impeccably.
Fifth Myth   "Not In Our Lifetime"
If it is in our lifetime then it isn't.  You have spent many years in this lifetime none ever in another.  So have
each and every other.   What you are unable to imagine is not the ultimate scientific test on what humankind is
capable.  We could not land on the moon in our lifetime.  That kind of thinking seems foolish today.  From where
most people think much of what is possible precludes living in paradise.
Sixth Myth     "The Individual Doesn't Make A Difference"
The often thrown around statements that you make a difference is often times over used and miss used.  You are asked
to participate and make a difference.  Or you are asked contribute and make a difference.  You can become something and
truly make a difference.  The fact is you can't not make a difference.  The contribution you make by the difference you
are being is unmatched.  Are you living, being, that you make a difference?
STEP II   Your "Listening For" - Expectations

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