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"Be the change you want to see in the world", Gandhi         


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On the Homepage for Insights for Workability you may access Core Distinctions.  The recognition of the material covered in this section provide considerable insight into the nature of being human.  You will undoubtedly discover a list of insights which can empower you in producing workability in your relationships, your projects, indeed the everyday workings of life itself.  The content is free to be read and shared as often as it is desired.
-  There are quite a number of books available which have been written to create opening in peoples lives.  The books contained in The Bookstore are all powerful readings and are highly recommended.
  - Discover some of the Pitfalls that you are likely to experience in your stand for a World that Works.  Some very Powerful Practices are included here that will assist you when a barrier you face occurs.
- There are hundreds of ways to participate allowing you to stay inside your newly invented stand.  These are samples of ways others have used.  Choose as many actions as you like and you are invited to generate your own form of participation.

          - Here you will find an assortment of information and links and opportunities.


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