What If What You Want to Become Is But a Matter of
Understanding the Law of Attraction  ?
  • SB001    Attractive
  • SB002    A Leading Sales Person
  • SB003    Financially Secure
  • SB004    Imaginative
  • SB005    Fertile
  • SB006    Adventurous
  • SB007    A Non Drinker
  • SB008    Optimistic
  • SB009    Organized
  • SB010    Decisive
  • SB011    Articulate
  • SB012    Affectionate
  • SB013    A Great Student
  • SB014    Debt Free
  • SB015    A Star Athlete
  • SB016    Tolerant
  • SB017    Liberated
  • SB018    Abundant
  • SB019    Friendly
  • SB020    A Dancer
  • SB021    A Teacher
  • SB022    Sincere
  • SB023    Tactful
  • SB024    Healthy
  • SB025    Successful
  • SB026    Romantic
  • SB027    Worry Free
  • SB028    Lovable
  • SB029    Irresistible
  • SB030    Fashionable
  • SB031    Professional
  • SB032    A Politician
  • SB033    Focused
  • SB034    Tolerant
  • SB035    Generous
  • SB036    Sociable
  • SB037    Confident
  • SB038    The Desired Weight
  • SB039    Without Smoking
  • SB040    An Actress/Actor
  • SB041    A Reporter
  • SB042    Lucky
  • SB043    Successful Salesperson
  • SB044    A Chef 
  • SB045    A Singer
  • SB046    Model
  • SB047    A Pilot
  • SB048    A College Professor
  • There are two basic domains of reality for everything you desire:

         1.  That which shows up in the physical, and

    2.   That which is in the non-physical

    When you have the desire to have a perfect relationship there is only the idea of that. There is no physical evidence of its existing in physical form.   Until the idea, on one end of this spectrum, is called into existence, there on the other end is where you experience the full and complete joy of the relationship you desire.  This fundamentally describes the two domains.
    Most people have at least the basic ability to conjure that which is in the non-physical realm but haven’t discovered what causes an idea to expand.    Unlike learning to walk, where everyone is a structure for the existence of “walking”, there are few at best structures for ones capacity to grow and amass the energies of an idea such that that mass begins to attract more mass (thoughts, ideas, actions, evidence, etc.

     All creation begins with the willingness to do so.  To intentionally call forth from nothing – something, is an act of deliberate creation.  

    We will do that here.


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